Carton Flow Racking

Carton Flow Racking

A High-Density System for storing Boxes or Light Products.


Carton Flow Racking System

The Live storage racking for Boxes (carton flow) is a high-density system for storing boxes or light products recommended where both controlling stock turnover and saving space are critical. Unit loads slide on slightly tilted pulley wheel ways at the different levels of lanes.

These ways can be easily adapted in the cross direction to accommodate different unit loads.



Bays can be made in lengths to suit various warehouse requirements.

Features and Benefits:

  • Operates on a First-in-First-out (FIFO) basis
  • Gravity feed (low maintenance)
  • Increased picking performance
  • Easy access (loading & picking)
  • No energy consumption
  • Accurate control of stock rotation
  • Tailor made to suite customer requirements
  • Maximizes floor usage & efficiencies.

With roller trays the flow racks utilize gravity to feed into lanes for easy picking and loading.

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