Clad Rack Warehouse Construction

Clad Rack

A Self-supporting Warehouse, where the Racking itself forms the Structure of the Building.


Clad Rack

A clad rack structure is a warehouse where the structural framework supporting the walls and roof is provided by the racking. Civil works are therefore minimized.

The maximum height of clad-rack buildings is limited by local standards and by the reach height of stacker cranes or forklift trucks. This said, Clad Rack warehouses can be up to 45m high and the point loads from the feet of the racking can be extremely high.

In addition to accounting for the usual storage racking loads the design must consider the building superstructure loads (roof, wall cladding, wind, seismic). This also requires thorough stress calculations from our engineering team in order to come up with tailor made solutions for every situation.

These buildings generally use automated MHE (Material Handling Equipment) to transport products, which enables racking to be built much higher creating more storage space. Clad Rack enables maximum use of available surface area without wastage of space.

Conventional or automated systems can be used.

Clad rack design is a specialist field and advice of a rack supplier should be sought.



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