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Mobile Racking

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Mobile Racking System

Mobile Bases Storage Racking systems are suited for high density storage applications. This system allows access to goods which have many product lines, where stock rotation is critical in environments where space vs. economy.

Mobile Racking consists of Storage Racking Superstructures mounted on electrically-driven chassis or mobile bases, which move over sub-floor mounted railing systems. When a pallet is required, the appropriate selected aisle is opened with the use of a push button control.

Mobile Storage Racking is also ideal for space saving in lighting, heating or cooling, ventilation and materials handling costs.



Cold & Freezer Stores

Where storage space is expensive, for example in cold stores, mobile racking is the perfect solution.

In freezer store applications, goods can be accessed by Reach Trucks fitted with heated cabs for operator comfort.


Manual & Automatic Operation

Our mobile racking systems can be operated manually or automatically by an integrated system.

It can be adapted to any type of unit load and to any type of forklift truck or reach truck. The goods to be stored will determine the racking system to be used being it for pallets or long goods.


Applications & Benefits

  • Suited for high density storage
  • Ideal for space saving
  • Used where stock rotation is critical
  • Push button aisle control
  • Goods can be accessed by Reach or Forklift Truck

Components & Accessories

Mobile Racking

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